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About Us

ExGuides Treks & Expeditions is Fully Registered Company within Nepal Tourism Board. All ExGuides Expeditions Leaders , Peak Climbing Leader , Trekking Guides are Nepal Tourism board licensed Holder and all our Leader are Really Experienced Leader each Sector , for Expeditions in Nepal , Peak Climbing in Nepal  and Trekking in Nepal. All ExGuides Treks and Expeditions staff are first Aid and wilderness first aid trained.

We Would Like to Explain about what is Ex – Guide ?

Ex – Guides Founder  Ashok Gurung work perfect and professional in Trekking in Nepal  and climbing with reputed trekking company and more than 12 years experience.  After working many  years and experienced knowing reputed company, knowing value of service , value of clients pay for trips, value of  clients safety of life and success trips as clients expectation. Ashok would like to combined all in one and  runing small group of trekking , tour , even climbing Group with Ashok’s Trekking company ExGuides since 2012. As ashok experienced, ExGuides use always Experienced Guides , Experienced leaders , knowing value of clients holidays and expectation. Experienced  Guide call Ex Guide or Experts Guides  is ExGuides. But also Producting porters becaming assist. Guide and Guide for Future.

What ExGuides do ?

We ExGuides Treks take our valueable clients to the  most beautiful and exciting Himalayan trekking itinerary , pure cultures, breathtaking adventure, providing them with a actual Himalayas experience and leaving them with unforgettable and enjoyable memories with remarkable ExGuides services. All itinerary we have made by our own ExGuides Team,  Experts Leader and  Experts Guides, and try to provide you best itinerary as our experienced of Himalayas even we trying to provide new and unique trekking in Nepal. We are running all types of tours in Nepal,trekking in nepal, peak climbing in Nepal, expeditions in Nepal, Bhutan cultural tours, overland tours in Tibet even india to kathmandu overland tours. We would be always happy if our programme meets your expectation and your requirements, activitylevle from luxury tours and gentle hiking to more challenging and breathtaking adventures . ExGuides are always happy to design your individual  and require offer also. We will be always around there to answer any last minute objection or sort out any problems. We would be always appreciate and happy that when you get back from trips we love to chat about your experiences , your feedback and also your suggestions for us even your valueable reviews on our website or trip advisor.


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