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Help for poor children in Rural Nepal

ExGuides Treks and Expeditions is an being with a conscience where  the financial benefit isn’t a sole clue of the success.Assist the society and helping the people in needed through differents social ambitions is our main goal. After biggest earthquake victim in Nepal 2015 april 25th mostly school been destroyed so, ExGuides Treks in Nepal has launched the children education programme with the goal of providing to the rightful but the poor or Orphaned and conflict-affected children in a tender to empower them with a better chances to live a happiness , secured and healthy life through the means of good education.

ExGuides Treks ,after earthquake one of the primary supporter, has been working directly with the local villages school in the rural Nepal. we always  discussion with local people of the we focus on offering help to the poor and minority group of people and  making  this programme effective and we chase financial support from our clients and donors even friends. With the funds collect, it’s invested to the rural community project like school’s maintenance and others necessary educational stuff. All your money is going rural school educational needs. In return , you an see & feels the real impact , that’s your support and contribute has been made , ExGuide keep in contact from letter with regular school reports and photos, new updates.


ExGuides Mission

  1. To improve the basic education in rural Nepal.
  2. Rural Nepal school and class room maintenance
  3. Providing the school stuff as school need
  4. Sponser the rural village student from poor family


How can you help ?

  1. Become a volunteer teacher or volunteer works for school
  2. From donating money as you wish one time or regular
  3. From organizing faunds raising activities
  4. Founds raising and come yourself for building classroom


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