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Destination bhutan

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The most religious Countries Bhutan is one of tibetain Buddhist world and like in all Buddhist nations, festival have a special place in the hearts of its residents.Bhutan is the last great Himalayan kingdom , conceal in mystification and magic , where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully cuddle global development. Also Bhutan is no ordinary place because Bhutan is ax amply modern country yet medieval with one foot still based on in its past. Bhutan is aware of the down sides of rapidly modernization and has decided to more carefully without losing its soul. Bhutan’s every decision is carefully weighed for the profit of Bhutan people. The Bhutan government’s high value and low value tourism policy is tourism thus a good example of it’s a efforts to keep tourism influences at arm while sustenance Bhutanese values at home. Bhutan gives a different look and feel , a view and spiritual fest for feast for all tourism visitors.

 Even there is many reason to visit Bhutan for makring your tour and trekking.

Taktsang Gopma is one of the most valuable Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. This Gompa situated on a vertical cliff 3000 meter north of Paro.

Tsechus festival is the annual religious festival in Bhutan and this festival they celebrate on major monasteries. The main attraction is social gathering there people from near and far gather to withness mask dance and cultural items.

 Dzong of Bhutanese forts were ancients forts that are used today as the administrative centers of Bhutan. Also Bhutan remain’s highest unclimbed Himalayas in the world mount Jhomolhari , Jitchu Drake etc. Bhutan government prohibits for climbing in the peak which the Bhutanese belive are habitat of deities and spirits.

 Bhutan is a spiritual haven , Buddhism in Bhutan is not a religion Buddhism is way of life. Reason why Bhutan is as peaceful as it is maybe because Buddhism is deeply engrained in society mentally. Please don’t be surprised to see as old man or woman at the memorial chortan circumambulation with a sting of beads in hands.

 This is only major things we recommended you but there are many places and activities you can do.


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