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Destination nepal

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“ 8th wonder of the world” Mountain Kingdom Nepal Covering an area of 147181 squire Kilometer.Nepal Emerges between china and india. This is a Small landlocked country which is 800 km long and 200 km wide. Nepal is the home land of around 30,000,000 (thirty million) people, there are more than 75 different ethnic group having their own cultural, wildlife , vigorous cities filled with art and local villages preserving an ancient way of life make nepal a consistent source of inspiration for analytical pioneer in search of imformative experiences.

Nepal is one of the world’s main destinations for first time or experienced trekkers and climbers and the diversity of trekking in Nepal or Climbing in Nepal cannot be found in any other region of the world, the lowest point of Nepal is 59 meter above from seas level in the terai region while the highest point is Everest , 8848 meterabove from sea –level, the two  point are  in a straight line  it’s a only 200 kilometer apart.


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