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before travel to nepal


Are you traveling to Nepal ? are you trekking in Nepal ? Please take a minute some usefull info when you travel and trekking in Nepal.

Nepalese Visa

All foreigners must  have  a  visa. Nepali  embassies and consulates overseas  issue  visas without any difficulties. You can also get on the spot when you arrive in Nepal, either at Kathmandu’s International Airport or at road borders:Nepaljung,Birjung ,raxaul,Sunali ,Kodari .

You will need a passport photo to get visa in Kathmandu Airport or other border places.It costs $25 for a 15 days and $ 40 for a  30 days visa. If you’ll be in Nepal more than 15 days you are better off getting a 30 day visa on arrival.

It’s really a good idea to keep a number of passport photos with your passport so they are immediately handy for trekking permits,visa applications and other official documents.

Arrival in kathmandu airport

Are you first time in Nepal ? please beware off that during the arrival in kathmandu airport. Please there is many local taxi. many  local people around of you they might ask you lots question , like where want to go ? are you trekking ? even they try to lift your bag to taxi might ask for tips please becare full with this you may get problem. If you are joing with some trekking agency please wait at waiting room at airport mostly trekking agency in Nepal they give you service pick you at airport. if you not with trekking agency and coming first time so , please do not lift them your bag just get one taxi and find your hotel or guest house. From airport to thamel is approx. 30 min. drive. At thamel there is lots hotel and guest houses.

Changing money in Nepal

You can change money officially at Banks and Exchange counters authorized by Nepla Rastra Bank. Hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara are also licensed to change foreign currency.

There are a number of money exchange counters in Kathmandu or Pokhara, rates are almost same as the bank. And there are  ATMs also available

Helicopter Evacuation or Rescue in Nepal During trekking in Nepal , during Peak climbing in Nepal or even Expeditions in Nepal.

While you trekking in Nepal much higher places you go mostly above 3,000 meter If you are injured and unable to trekking and climbing. you can ask for a rescue helicopter  or charter flight from a remote airstrip only if you have definite proof that you can pay for it. Even always make sure that your insurance cover for this. Even this case only in emergency medical problem we ExGuides Treks use helicopter rescues if only small injured and small health problem or altitude sickness you do not worry all about it, ExGuides Treks staff take you down immediately. To be your safe trekking in Nepal please choose good trekking agency in Nepal not only price not only service, your life and your safety trekking is most important too so our ExGuides Trekking guides and climbing leaders are expert for your safety trekking in Nepal with reasonable cost , best service and successful trips

Your trekking and Peak climbing even Expeditions Insurance

If you are doing high altitude trekking in Nepal, peak climbing  even expeditions please, choose a  Insurance policy that covers medical and emergency repatriation, including helicopter evacuation or rescue. We exguides trekking highly recommended that your travel insurance before trekking in Nepal.

For trekking equipment please click here

For peak climbing equipment click here

For expeditions equipment click here

Hiring equiptment for trekking , peak climbing and expeditions in nepal

It is possible to hire or buy everything that you need for a trekking but Extra  large size(right size on you) of shoes are difficult to find on hiring or buying. But Except Size you can buy trekking , peak climbing and expeditions Equipment in kathmandu and pokhara like any quality. Of course you need best Quality for expeditions and peak climbing but for trekking buy a jacket and sleeping bags even bags you can good quality also. If you are willing you buy or hiring in kathmandu and pokhara it is possible. Mostly hiring things are sleeping bags , down jackets, boots.

Nepali Food and Drinks

There are plenty of good restaurant,serving food across the world in Kathmandu and Pokhara.But  at some local restaurant,you will not be offered a spoon,but one is often available if you ask.The Nepalese use only their right hand for eating.If you eat with your hand,manners dictate that you wash it before and after eating.A Jug of water is always available in restaurants for this purpose.

Please,bring a water bottle and you can purify your own water,cheap bottled water is available everywhere but every bottle contributes to Nepal’s mountain of waste plastic.

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