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nepal and nepalese


Covering  an area of 147181square km,Nepal emerges between China and India.This is  a small landlocked country which is 800km long and 200km wide.Nepal is the home land of around 30,000,000(thirty million)people,there are more than 75 different ethnic group having their own social and cultural history with carrying  more than 100 their own languages.

Nepalese are traditionally and culturally warmly and friendly peoples. Namaste (Hello,how are you?)is a Nepalese universal  greeting word where people meets each others say Namaste, while you trekking in Nepal mostly popular trekking  ,Everest base camp trek , annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek and langtang trekking  and more , when you see local people and kids are friendly to say Namaste and then you can also say Namaste to them. So its always good know that before you go trekking in Nepal say “Namaste”. Even mostly famous tea house trekking in nepal local people can undersand English and can speak little bit but new trekking trails or rural site of Nepal , local might be little shy. Most  Nepalese speak at least some English even in kathmandu , pokhara, chitwan,though smiles and gestures work well where language is barrier. Most Nepalese eat food with their hand. Most rural Nepali families are remarkably self-sufficient in their food supply.In most ethnic groups, joint and extended families live in the same house,even in Kathmandu.

Arranged marriages remain the norm in Nepali Hindu society and are generally between members of the same caste or ethnic group,although there is a growing number of Love marriages. You can experience unbelievable merging of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal,which is almost impossible in other part of the world.The vast majority of the population is 81.3 % Hindu,and 9.0% Buddhists make up most of the balance.There are also small groups of 4.4% Muslims and a few 3.0% Kiratish , 1.42% chritian and 0.9% follow others religious or no religion.

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