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when to travel bhutan


When To Travel

When is best season or time to visit Bhutan ?

 To travel Bhutan , March, april , may, October and November is really busiest season to travel to Bhutan.Beacase the weather is the best in spring and autumn even Himalayas views are best in autumn also colourful season at spring rhododendron bloom peak in march and april. We exguides would like to recommended at this season to travel for tour in Bhutan or trekking in Bhutan or any activities like cultural tour. But busy season you will encounter with many tourist during trekking and touring Bhutan with popular places.

 Also December, January and February is mid season because , the weather is still good for views but its really cold December and January.also but if looking for not busy season while travel Bhutan this season would options for you.

 Low season june , july and august this is the time for monsoon season in Bhutan even leeches put an end to most of trekking in Bhutan. And high elevation flowers are at their peak blooming season.

 Bhutan weather , when is best time to , tour in Bhutan and Trekking bhutan

If you thinking of to visit Bhutan any time of the year you can. There is no such a appropriate season. Which is bhutan’s climate warm and temperate never end festivals and rich abundant heritages site provides visitor with a wide of experiences. Bhutan has fours differents season but tis depending on the elevation.

 Spring season in Bhutan march , april and may

Spring season is considered the most beautiful season of the year. This season is the time when the the valleys are green with fresh vegetation and fruit trees are blossoming. So at this time of year you can do tour , trekking in Bhutan.

 Autumn season in Bhutan September , October and November

This season is lovely with clear and crisp blue sky and providing a grand views of some of the tallest unclimbed Himalayas in the world. This Autumn season is best season for trekking and traveling in Bhutan. climate is cool and temperate and can take beautiful photography opportunities.

 Monsoon season in Bhutan june , july and august

With monsoon season in Bhutan , during these months , Bhutan receives rainfall than any others region in the Himalayas. Beautiful glorious sky and warm weather is a pleasant season to travel to places of cultural and historic though this season is not the best time for trekking in Bhutan.

Winter season in Bhutan December , January and February

This season is sunny and cool and agreeable to say the least.. much of the east and west highway remain snowbound at this season. But this is the best time to tour the western part of PARO, THUMPU and  PUNAKHA also HAA.

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