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when to travel tibet


When To Travel

when to travel Tibet  or good time to visit ?

here is some our advice or suggestion :

When is the best time or season to visit Tibet

To visit and make your holidays perfect in Tibet we reccomened you from may to October is the best time and season for travel in Tibet  even at this time the weather is not very cold  and average above 10 Degree C. this is naturally the busy travel time in Tibet. Also july and august is the rainy season in Tibet , apart from in the southeast , there is less rain , not a lot rain. If you plaining to travel for  camping we recommended you travel in April , may September and October where you are more likey to see the mount Everest with many peak clearly. This is more likely hidden behind thick clouds rest of the year in Tibet.

Traveller who are interested in more likely in festivals of Tibet we exguides would love to recommended to you visit Tibet in august where the SHOTON festival, NAGQU horse racing and GANDEN thanka festival are held, but expect to see huge crowd and busy during the festivals in Tibet.

About Tibet weather , before you go visit to Tibet!

Tibet has longer winter and a quite different season other places we exguides would like to some suggestion when to go Tibet tour and travel.

Click about Tibet weather  Weather 

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