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ex-extreme adventure trekking in nepal

2 Packages Available

ExGuide Extreme adventure trekking in Nepal. it’s a extreme adventure trekking ,those people who has done previous high altitude trekking experience is required to enter these extreme adventure trekking in Nepal. even along with previous high altitude experience , you need to have high level of physical fitness and skill to take up the extreme challenge. These all extreme adventure trekking are usually less visited as there are time and fitness control linked with it. This is all trekking itineries for adventure seekers who dreaming with adventure real challenge in lifetime. But also if you are in excellent health with average physical fitness , positive elevation, your confidence and strong bravery you can carry out the extreme trekking successfully.

Physical condition before Ex-Extreme

Even it is always safety is important before you take challenge so please you can consult with your doctor before book this extreme trekking , such as lung, heart and blood disease should inform to ExGuide Treks before booking treks. Even past trekking or hiking is preferred and no technical skills required. If you do exercise and jogging everyday for  few months prior to extreme adventure trekking is a really good idea as it raise our firmness , strength and stability. But if you manage to carry it out then this would be you have once in a lifetime extreme adventures trekking in Nepal. even this would be your lifetime global extreme adventure trekking. Let’s explore with Experts Guides (ExGuides) the extreme adventure trekking in nepal, we are truly experts for Nepal.

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