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trekking in nepal

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Trekking in Nepal is one of unique experience for Trekkers , with 8th  of the top 14th highest summits in the the world and  the most  beautiful landscapes which are only reachable on foot. Trekking in Nepal is the most popular activity in Nepal because world’s can recognize Mt: Everest and  global holidays Mt: Everest base camp trek but in Nepal trekking  can be customized based on your desire , like some trekking are designed to see the panoramas mountain views, some are designed to explore life in local village, some are trekking and passes. As your trekking theme and desire we will provide you trekking in Nepal.


In Nepal while you traveling first time  for trekking in nepal , there is four main trekking region and the mostly easily accessible are the Everest region with everest base camp trekking 16 days,Annpurna region with annapurna circuit trekking 14 days and annapurna base camp trekking 14 days, langtang region with langtang trekking 12 days  and getting famous region manaslu region with manaslu circuit trekking 16 days and stum valley trekking 16 days and there is some  region are not easily accessible , Dolpo region and another one is far west region  ,Kanchenjunga region , Makalu region those region is far from kathmandu  but domestic flight are available into the this all region of Nepal.however all these are subject to weather condition and all the trekkers must be prepared for all outcome. But Annapurna, Langtang and manaslu trekking region have a slightly generally in so much that trekkers can be reached via Road Connections. Domestic flights generally early in the morning and also if two domestic flight are required to reach the start of the trekking appropriate time should be possibility.

Althought the popular trekking region in Everest region trekking , manaslu region trekking , Annapurna region trekking , Kanchenjunga trekking are able to prodive tea house accommodation but Kanchenjunga trekking and manaslu circuit trekking  and even more basic tea houses not like Annapurna region trekking  and Everest region trekking. Also in other trekking regions Dolpo and for westren regoin trekking will generally require camping trekking.

When to travel  in Nepal for trekking season, or best trekking in Nepal ?

About trekking in Nepal is possible at any time of year its depending on where would you trek or where you are going to trek. The most popular trekking  and peak climbing season are Autumn Sep-nov. and Spring season  Mar- May.but also its depending on trekkers choice , some tourist like busy season and some tourist like less crowd not busy season. Trekking in Nepal is from mid of Oct. to mid of November. it’s a really busy season with popular trekking trails. Like Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, and ghorepani poon hill trek theses treks are busy but at this time also there is less crowd treks we exguides treks found new trekking trails jiri pikey tea house trek ( only 10 days ) is recommended for you. if you desire to trek less crowd and best view point of Himalayas jiri pikey is not hard trek its only 4065 is highest point of trekking. From Pikey peak you can see breathtaking view of  mount Everest , mount Lhotse , mount Makalu,  mount kachenjunga , mera peak , Thamseku peak, Nuptse peak , Gaurishanker , and all Annapurna Himalayas ranges, there is no others better than jiri pikey view point.

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