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dolpo region trekking in nepal

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Western part of Nepal is best known but less visited area because of relatively not easy accessibility and its distance from Kathmandu. That’s why some people say western Nepal is unexplored. So, now, time starts to explore western Nepal there are many remarkable scenes of natural beauty,sceneries cultural of village. Dolpa region  trekking offering are very different from that in the rest of Nepal. A trekking in western part of Nepal is a special and rewarding mountain holiday. Dolpa region  trekking is remote and not easy accessible..Dolpa is well known District with its unique characteristics. 5.36% total landmass of the country, it appears a biggest distict of Nepal, and yet one of the most sparsely populated. Dolpa trekking in nepal contains deepest Lake of Nepal, Lake Phoksundo, which also happened to be the deepest Lake of high altitude in the world. in Nepal, both which lies in this district. This Park provides the habitat for over 200 species of birds and for endangered species including Snow leopard, grey wolf, musk deer and blue sheep. Also, the forest of Upper Dolpo are home to rare plants like Yarsagumba(Himalayan Viagra), Jatamasi, Panchaunle, Chimailo and so many others.


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