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Terms and Conditions

ExGuides Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd – ‘Terms & Conditions’

  1. Definitions

The following words will have the following meanings.
‘We’ means ‘ExGuides Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.’ and in short ‘ExGuides’ only.
‘Us’ means ‘ExGuides Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.’ and in short ‘ExGuides’ only.
‘You’ means ‘Client’
‘Your’ means ‘Client’s’
‘Country’ means ‘Country where trips are going to be run or being run’.

  1. Acceptance

Clients from around the globe are welcome to join in our trips. There is no such age restriction but
you must be eligible to acquire a visa to the country. Arranging visas is under your own
responsibility. We therefore strongly advise to check the current visa requirements with your local
consulate or embassy of Nepal.

  1. Personal Details

You are required to provide us with your personal details either through our form on the website or
otherwise in writing.

  1. Prices

4.1 Prices listed on ExGuides website or offered to you are per person unless otherwise specified.

4.2 We do not guarantee any price quoted in a currency other than Nepali Rupee (NPR). If you
request a quote in another currency other than NPR then this is subject to change depending on the
prevailing exchange rate until full payment has been made.

  1. Payment

5.1 Once services and prices have been agreed your booking can only be confirmed if you pay us a
deposit of 20% of the total trip price. This deposit is non-refundable.
If your tour already starts 14 days or less after the booking date we will demand the payment of the
full trip price.

5.2 The payment can be made by either credit card or bank transfer in any of the 4 currencies:

5.3 Latest upon arrival in Nepal you are required to pay the balance for the booked services (full
amount). Failure to do so will lead to the cancellation of the booking.

5.4 We will charge no credit card fee for the deposit or any advanced payments. However, if you
wish to pay the balance on the day of arrival by credit card we allow us to charge a service fee of
4.5% No fees apply if you pay cash.

5.5 Any transaction fees charged by your bank or credit institution are under your sole responsibility.

5.6 Once we received the deposit (or full payment where required) we will confirm your booking and
provide a voucher. Please check that all details on the voucher are correct. It is your responsibility to
ensure tour dates and times are stated correctly and to their requirements. In case of any mistakes
please inform us immediately.
6. Deposit

6.1 A deposit of 20% of the total trip cost must be paid at the time of booking.

6.2 The deposit is non-refundable.

6.3 In the event of a postponement by the client and once the deposit has been made 50% of the
deposit can be re-allocated to a subsequent date within a 12 month period from the date of
postponement advice. In such case prices are subject to review.

  1. Modifications & Amendments

7.1 All requests for modifications/amendments/date changes must be made in writing and directed
to ExGuides. If you request a modification/amendment/date change ExGuides will attempt to honor
your request at no charge; however a modification/amendment/date change may attract an
additional fee. Date-change requests and amendments are subject to availability. ExGuides cannot
guarantee the success of any date-change request.

7.2 Once the tour started modifications are not possible anymore. If the tour needs to be modified
due to health issues or any other personal risks extra charges will apply.

  1. Cancellation

8.1 The deposit (20%) cannot be refunded

8.2 Cancellation 9 days and more prior arrival in Nepal:
0% of the paid deposit and
100% of any additional amounts we may hold
will be refunded (maximum 80% of the tour price)

8.3 Cancellation 8 days until 1 day prior arrival in Nepal:
0% of the paid deposit and
50% of any additional amounts we may hold
will be refunded (max. 65% of the tour price)

8.4 Cancellation at the day of arrival no refund will be made.

8.5 Once full payment has been made and the program has begun under no circumstances and at
no time will any refund be made.

8.6 When the tour already started and you wish to change or stop your travel for any reason, this
will be regarded as a cancellation of the tour from your side. According to clause 8.5 no refund will
be made and extra charges may apply.

8.7 If you have purchased a flight through ExGuides or your tour includes flights any cancellation or
modification requested from your side then terms and conditions of the airline will apply. We will
refund in full any amounts which are returned to us by the airline or ticket provider less 5% of flight
total as handling and refund fee.

8.8 Any cancellation request must be made in writing and in English and we have to receive it
before your trip commencement date.

8.9 Refunds will be made in the form of a refund to your credit card or bank account

8.10 We strongly recommend to issue an adequate travel insurance before arrival which will cover
for cancellation or any other additional fees in necessary cases.

  1. Timing & Curtailment / Itinerary & Services

9.1 ExGuides will endeavor to pick you up promptly according to the arrival information you provide
to us. It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct arrival information is provided to us with flight
number and arrival time (in 24 hour format).

9.2 Due to some unforeseen reasons it may not always be possible to run your trip/s according to
the itinerary provided to you. If your trip/s is/are hampered or curtailed due to reasons beyond our
control, then we shall suggest you the best alternative, and if the suggested alternative requires
additional service/s or services more expensive than the originally booked services, then you will be
required to pay us for these service/s.

Note: We make every effort to best describe the trips, and if the description of the trips will not
match somehow or due to some recent changes, then we shall not be held responsible. Please give
us a feedback at the end of your trip/s as it will help us to keep our trip/s’ description up-to-date.

9.3 All stated return times are approximate and represent the average time a tour will return to your
hotel. Actual return times can be earlier or later than the times stated depending on factors such as
hotel location, traffic conditions, pace of the tour, additional options taken etc. On occasions the tour
can return significantly later than the time stated on the itinerary (please bare this in mind if planning
activities after the tour)

  1. Accommodation, Meals and Transfer:

Your accommodation, meals and transfers according to the itinerary are handled by ExGuides
during your stay with us in the country.

  1. DOs and DON’Ts

11.1 Please read our ‘DOs and DON’Ts’ carefully in the following as it contains vital information that
you have to know before arriving in the country. We follow the same rules. We shall consider it as a
breach in the ‘Terms & Conditions’ if you somehow violate our ‘Regulations’ or the laws of Nepal.
We shall also judge the level of violation and decide accordingly.

Note: If the level of violation will be discovered as sever, then your involvement with us in our trip/s
will be terminated with immediate effect, in which case no refund will be made and we shall not be
held responsible.

11.2 DOs and DON’Ts:

11.2.1 You will not be involved in any kinds of drugs other than that prescribed to you by your

11.2.2 You will not be involved in consuming excess of alcohol and affect others nor will encourage
other members and our staff to use the same at all.

11.2.3 You will not be involved in prostitution nor will encourage others towards the same.

11.2.4 You will inform us regarding your plans.

11.2.5 You will take proper care of your equipment or belongings.

11.2.6 You will respect local culture & tradition and dress at all times appropriately as expected by
the same.

11.2.7 You will not participate in any kinds of political demonstrations.

11.2.8 You will accept that you are the client of ExGuides and will act accordingly. You will thus
always respect the decision made by ExGuides and its management.
12. Vaccination/Immunization

Please check for vaccination/immunization requirements before arriving in the country.

  1. Travel/Medical Insurance

13.1 As already indicated under clause 8.10 we strongly recommend to organize a travel insurance
which will cover for personal liabilities, loss of luggage, cancellation, curtailment and any other
personal effects as otherwise it will be your sole responsibility to pay for such circumstances.

13.2 A medical insurance is obligatory.

13.2.1 You will have to present a proof to us before going on the tour. At failure to present such
proof ExGuides reserves the right to refuse to take you on the trip. The money paid to us will not be
refunded in such case.

13.2.2 When selecting a medical insurance policy please bear in mind that all clients must have
medical coverage and require a minimum coverage of 200.000 USD for repatriation and emergency

13.3 We will ask you to provide us with your emergency contacts (e.g. next of kin)

  1. In case of Emergencies

14.1 Your safety is given the top priority. In case of emergencies like natural disaster, your health
issues and any other issues related to you, we shall do the needful in keeping you safe and even
evacuate you to a safe place.

14.2 If our needful activities, itinerary alterations or even the evacuation will involve cost, than you
will be solely responsible to cover it, which you will perhaps be able to claim from your insurance.

14.3 Please make sure you have access to an emergency fund of at least 200 USD for such
(unlikely) cases.

  1. Sole Responsibility

You are solely responsible for selecting the trip/s and in no ways we may have influenced you in
doing so or held us responsible.

  1. Personal Risk

The trip/s that you have booked or are going to book may involve certain degree of potential risks
during your travel and may include personal perils to individual both foreseen and unforeseen. You
have understood this fact before booking the trip/s and have solely assumed by you as well.
Thus, ExGuides, its staff members, representatives and partner organizations are not held
responsible for any kind of losses or harms or damages that may directly or indirectly occur
including personal injury, emotional injury, illness or disease, death, loss of or damaged to property
or possession, hostage situations, war or terrorism.

You insure yourself against to such and also to the possible expense that may be brought by
possible delay and alteration of the itinerary due to major factor that are beyond our control.

Additionally, the accommodation is on twin sharing basis with other fellow traveler of same sex. If
the offered accommodation and other facilities as well as your fellow traveler’s attitude or behavior
are uncomfortable to you, then appropriate alternative arrangements are provided to you but it
cannot be guaranteed.
17. Privacy Policy

Your personal details will be kept for our internal record and marketing purpose only and we shall
not share it outside ExGuides.

Note: Our website may have links to other websites of our interest and we may not have controls
over them if you visit them by leaving our website.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are small files created in a computer or in such device when visiting websites. We shall not
use them for any other purposes other than marketing our website, trip/s and other related issues
and may contact you for the same. Generally, most web browsers accept cookies by default but you
are always able to change setting of the browsers according to your interest or requirement.

Note: Cookies do not give us any access to your computer or any information about you other than
the data you choose to share with us.

  1. Copyrights

Photos, information, data and other materials sent to us may be used as marketing material by us to
market our own products. And if you have to use the materials that we possess and you are not the
provider, then you have to seek our permission to use them.

  1. ExGuides’ Rights

We reserve the rights to modify or alter your booking/trip/s/itinerary or even cancel your booking
without any reasons whatsoever. In case of modification or alteration, we shall notify you 15 days in
advance in order for you to prepare yourself accordingly before arriving in the country.

And in case of cancellation, we shall offer you other suitable trip/s, or else we shall refund you in full
if the offered alternative will not be appropriate for you.

  1. Governing Law

ExGuides Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is Nepalese Government registered company under Nepal
Tourism Board and the mentioned ‘Terms & Conditions’ is governed by the law of Nepal.

  1. Contractual commitment

Both clients and ExGuides agree that once the deposit has been paid above Terms & Conditions
are deemed as accepted, thus will be binding on both parties and the client’s assumption of risk
(see also clause 16) will be honoured.


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