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india travel info

The most colorful india is unique in itself. India is rich in exotic land of chivalry , color , valiance , palaces, invincible fort , sand dunes , snow clad peaks rivers, beautiful lakes, vibrant beaches , many more. India represent diversity in people also like, cultural, musical, costumes and dance and there are innumerable mosques , temple, churches and gurudwaras ( kind of temple in in india) in eery state which are the differents example of art and architecture. In india many different types of culture , dance , music and languages in every state. The unique and unmateched example of painting and art can be seen in the monuments , temple , palaces and architecture building of india.

Great of sanctuaries , national park and protected area provide shelter of different kinds of fauna  and flora. The rare and native species of animals , reptiles , birds can be seen in these national park in india. Similary , india is also popular all over the world ofr its handicrafts and jeweler designing. So once in your life experience the magic of india.

India Geography

India located in the northern hemisphere, india shares border with , Nepal, Pakistan, china , Afghanistan , Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. It is third largest country in the world with total land area of 3.3 million square kilometer.towarding Himalayas in the north which slope out into the great indo – gangetic plains , india bay of Bengal is on the east coast of the india, while Arabian sea is on the west coast. The india southern most tip of the country is projected into the indian Ocean.

India not holds only mountain, seas and the plains, india also about every geographical features as well. Thar desert lies in rajasthan  in the west of the india, little south of it are the unique marshlands of kutch. And other hand of india , we find the largest delta and unique mangrave forest on the east of india. Thus, india has a wide variety fauna , flora and climate that ranges from tropical to arctic.

About india weather varies from region to region, it’s depend on which region would like to visit. it is cold in the winter in india from November to march but hot in the summer month from april to july. According to exguides treks running trips from delhi to kathmandu tour or delhi to Everest base camp trek, you visit india to nepal from march to may and September to December. March to may getting summer season and from September to December is getting winter that mean cooler climate at during this time.

India culture is rich, the culture has enjoyed an international reputation for the brass. The indian culture was moulded through out various era  of history in india. All the while absorbing , customs and tradition and ideas from both attacker and immigrants. India has remarkable cultural and religious diversity in the modern india.

India was the birth place of the religious system such as Jainism, hindism and Sikhism, such religions have heavy influence not only in india but also  in the world. After the invasion of the Islamic empire and the subsequent foreign influence from the tenth century onwards, the india culture of india was heavily influenced by Persian , Arabic and Turkic cultures. India is is the crib of the human race , the india birthplace of human speech and the mother of history even grandmother of legend and the grand mother of tradition, SAYS : MARK TWAIN

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