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tibet trekking & tour info

Tibet is a rich of cultural, traditional and beautiful land with average elevation over 4,000 meter above from sea level. Possessing more than fifty peak above 7,000 meter, Tibet is home to eleven Himalayas mountains over 8,000 meter china, Nepal india , Bhutan Burma and Kashmir border the Tibet.

About Tibet people and cultural

About over two million people inhabit this land of rich naturally resources and ancient cultures Tibet is traditionally also rich. Spiritual traditions, many temples and monasteries , big lakes and rivers even mightly snow clad peaks are just a few of the thrilling wonders to be experienced by adventures trekkers and travellers coming to visit Tibet.

Religiously Buddhism with a history of some 1,300 years is shaped into a unique of unique from of LAMASM. Tibetan history is culture and religion are mixed together. Tibetan religious art have a special style with approval of  chinese Buddhist impact thus forming a pearl of Oriental Buddhism art.

People living on the Tibetan plateau , such as tibetain , monpas , lhopas and Moslems, have their own way of living , burial , marriage and others ceremonies and festivals in Tibet are in big differents. The Tibet new year the largest festival , is the followed by others such as the wangkor festival and horses race, and for the dead sky burials , water burials, and stupa burials are practiced in Tibet but the sky burial is the most common in Tibet.

 How to travel  Tibet or how to get there ?

To travel to Tibet is now easly accessible from kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. schedule air service fly from kathmandu to Lhasa and back every Saturday and Tuesday. But now from kathmandu to drive lhasa through Kodari is closed beacasue after 2015 earthquake.  There is another option from kathmandu fly to nepalgunj and trek and get to lhasa or from kathmandu to fly lhasa is only two option from Nepal. so if you looking forward to do any tour in Tibet from Nepal , like kailas tour or lhasa tour we exguides happy to share you free information always. Please let us know if wondering about Tibet , tour itinerary or any help!

About Tibet weather , before you go visit to Tibet!

Tibet has longer winter and a quite different season other places we exguides would like to some suggestion when to go Tibet tour and travel.

 Spring season in Tibet April and may

To travel in Tibet at spring season ,The ice melts and the weather warms during spring this spring season is not perfect season to visit Tibet. Early of april just reopen to tourism beaucse it is usually for travellers is closed in march because tibetain new year, we reccomened you book a Tibet tour before the summer tourist crowds arrived.

 Summer season in Tibet june , july and august

At this summer season  the weather is warm to cool and summer is the busiest traveling season of the year in Tibet. There is air has a higher oxygen content than in others season. This summer season lots of travellers will visit Tibet because of pleasant weather too. Also Tibet has not big issue for the rain its dry land. So this is the time for Tibet trekking too if you wish there is also one most popular trekking , enjoy your holidays in Tibet the high elevation sites then the Himalayas passes are snow free, this is right time to hike in Tibet.

 Fall season in Tibet September and October

Still septmeber and October also busy season in Tibet for travel, the weather is clear and cool in fall, it is really good time to trek and tour in Tibet even fall season is really best time to shoot photos of Himalayas peaks , due to clear weather and less cloud.

 Winter season in Tibet from November to march it’s long winter

Usually Tibet closed to foreign travelers in February and march for 5 or 6 weeks. Even entry permits are issued for February and march because some roads are closed due to the heavy snow in Tibet.

when to travel Tibet  or good time to visit ?

here is some our advice or suggestion :

When is the best time or season to visit Tibet

To visit and make your holidays perfect in Tibet we reccomened you from may to October is the best time and season for travel in Tibet  even at this time the weather is not very cold  and average above 10 Degree C. this is naturally the busy travel time in Tibet. Also july and august is the rainy season in Tibet , apart from in the southeast , there is less rain , not a lot rain. If you plaining to travel for  camping we recommended you travel in April , may September and October where you are more likey to see the mount Everest with many peak clearly. This is more likely hidden behind thick clouds rest of the year in Tibet.

Traveller who are interested in more likely in festivals of Tibet we exguides would love to recommended to you visit Tibet in august where the SHOTON festival, NAGQU horse racing and GANDEN thanka festival are held, but expect to see huge crowd and busy during the festivals in Tibet.

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